Graduate Research

AM lattice qualification

Additive manufacturing qualification

AM octet truss metrology

Computer vision metrology

feature distribution varies by material

Variance decomposition

machine learning framework

Machine learning predictions

internal features measured using X-ray CT

Internal feature inspection

Deep learning detects defect in AM part

Defect detection

Additive Manufacturing Quality - King and Tawfick Labs

  • Developed methods for scalable dimensional measurements and quality assessment of additively manufactured parts using computer vision, machine learning, and statistics
  • Developed automated analysis frameworks for inspecting complex, 3D parts, especially those with internal features that are not measurable using traditional techniques
  • Investigated additive manufacturing processes and materials using X-ray computed tomography (CT), variable focus microscopy (VFM), and optical images
  • Investigated mechanical properties and manufacturability of additively manufactured lattices
  • Developed a Python package for computer vision metrology in manufacturing (open-source pip install release coming soon)
  • Simulated lattice compression testing in ABAQUS to validate lattice material models and experimental results

Undergraduate Research

Biomedical Imaging - Barton Lab

  • Designed mechanical system of micro-piezoelectric OCT/MPM endoscope for early-stage cancer detection
  • Derived and experimentally verified resonant frequencies and shapes for a base excited, cantilevered beam with added tip mass
  • Invented and manufactured custom surgical accessories for rodent analgesic delivery using AM and SolidWorks